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Everyone Needs a Pamper Day Sometimes

Everyone Needs a Pamper Day Sometimes

September was a bit of a ghost town on the blog and that’s happened for a couple of different reasons. First, I had a bit of a mental health blip at the beginning of the month (but I’ll probably talk about that a bit more in another post). Second, it’s been crazy busy with travel for both work and fun. Though sadly mostly for work. In fact, I’m sitting on a plane to Boston as I type this, on my way to a 4-day conference before taking a week to actually enjoy the city.

Both of the things mentioned above meant that I got to a couple of days before I was due to fly out and I was beyond frazzled. Thankfully I had, for once, had some foresight and thought that might happen, so I’d booked myself in for a little pampering the day before I was due to fly out. Genuinely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as I felt about 100 times better afterwards.

I’m a big advocate of making sure you take some time for yourself every now and then. If you spend all your time worrying about your responsibilities, you’ll become far less effective at dealing with them. Sometimes I think of pampering as a day in front of the TV bingeing on a Netflix show and not doing anything else, sometimes it’s crafting, and others a good dinner and catch-up with my favourite people. This time I decided to go for the classic definition and booked to get my nails done and a massage. Both experiences were so good that I found I just had to blog about them and recommend the lovely people who helped me de-stress.

If you’ve got things you like to do to help refresh mind, body and soul, share them in the comments below!

Swoon Nails, Central Chambers, Hope Street, Glasgow

I’ve had straightforward shellac nails done before, but I decided to push the boat out this time and get some nail art done for the first time. I’d been drooling over the work of Swoon Nails for a while now via their Instagram page, having first heard about them through the posts of Lynsay Loves on Insta. So, when I decided to get something special this time round they seemed like the obvious choice. Their online booking system is straightforward, and I was lucky to snag one of the last appointments available of the Saturday.

Arriving at Central Chambers where they’re based, I was a little worried I’d stumbled into the wrong place as it’s an unimposing building with long corridors of white doors. But the signage clearly pointed me in the right direction and walking through the door into their unit was like arriving at a friend’s place, so warm was the welcome.

My nail artist for the day was Sarah and she got me settled then asked what I’d like to have done. I had a vague idea that I wanted something rainbow themed as I’d be doing a presentation on inclusion and diversity at the conference in Boston but didn’t have much of an idea beyond that. I happened to be wearing a leopard print dress and it was quickly suggested rainbow leopard print might be the way to go. I wasn’t sure at first as I thought it might clash a bit too much with my patterned dresses but let myself be persuaded. And I’m glad I did as the finished result was fantastic.

Throughout the process Sarah was super friendly and took great care with everything she did, from tidying up my cuticles through to carefully applying each layer of colour and making sure I was well briefed on how to look after them. I genuinely couldn’t have been happier with the service I received and the finished result. Which, looking at the pic, I’m sure you’ll agree is pretty damned awesome. I’ll definitely be back to Swoon Nails again.

Massage by Elizabeth, The Glasgow Treatment Rooms, West George Street, Glasgow

I’m just going to get this out of the way now, I LOVE Elizabeth and would dare anyone who’s met her to name a more delightful person. I’ve been visiting her for more than three years now and I always leave feeling exponentially better than I went in, even when she’s pummeled me! This is partly due to her skills as a masseuse but also because she’s just a fantastic person to be around (your chat isn’t shite even if you try to claim it is!)

One of my favourite things about a visit to Elizabeth is that she’s a problem solver, she starts every session with a short consultation to make sure she clearly understands what you need and then gets right to work making things better. I also particularly appreciate her understanding of the toll weightlifting can take on the body and her ability to identify your problem areas and tailor the massage accordingly.

This time I had a multitude of ailments having deadlifted for the first in 2 months the night before, as well as having recently set a new 1 rep max for squat (my legs and back were basically ruined) and being generally stressed and tense. With a nod Elizabeth was on it and managed to give me a massage that was both therapeutic and relaxing. By the end my body felt like it was actually functional again while also having a pleasantly fuzzy brain that indicated the tension and stress was gone.

I also have to offer her super big thanks for this visit as I’d massively underestimate how long my nails would take (read the appointment info folks!) and very kindly moved her lunch break so I could come later and still get a full hour. Have I said she’s THE BEST? I genuinely don’t know if I would have been in a fit state for my trip if I hadn’t had that massage…

Another perk I must mention is that she offers a loyalty card scheme where every 6th massage is free, so there’s a ton of reasons you should pay her a visit. I’ve already decided I think I’ll need a sneaky post-holiday/pre-back to work massage when I return for Boston.

So, two fantastic pampering sessions offered by really friendly people who are great at what they do. Make your appointments now!

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